Visiting Places

Educational Institutes With in 100KM

1.   C.U. Shah Medical & Engg College Surendranagar

2.   ITI College Patadi

3.   College of Pharmacy Navalgarh, Dhrangadhra

4.   ITI College Halvad Road Dhrangadhra

5.   Mahaveer PTC & B.Ed. College Jegadawa, Dhrangadhra  


Visiting Places

Places/ Institutions available within 100 Kms for study tours with brief descriptions.

Dhrangadhra is the pink city of Surendranagar district in Gujarat state. Dhrangadhra means land of stone and thats why Dhrangadhra is well known for its stone art and landscapes of stone.

Nal Sarovar,

Near Sanand on Dhrangadhra- Ahmedabad Higiway famous for bird migration . Visiting Tme :November-January Mostly birds from Russia.

Wild Ass Sanctuary (18Km)

The Wild Ass Sanctuary of Little Rann of Kutchwas established on 12th January 1973. The desert links with four districts, 11 Talukas and 107 villages along the Little Rann of Kutch.

Imagine a flat cracked land with vast horizon �� mirage-----but very richbiodiversity, that is Little Rann of Kutch. LRK is a15th biosphere reserve and largest sanctuary in India and a world heritage site.

Indian Wild Ass is  one of the sturdiest animals in the world withstanding scorchingmid-day temperature up to 48� C or more without any shelter in the midst of the desert facing long periods of drought surviving, where as other animals can not survive. It has the strength and speed of a horse and can run at the speed of60-70 k.m./hr. The stature measures 120cm. in height, length and weighing about 240kgs. It possesses a shiny and a black brown hairy strip in the centre enhancing its beauty. They move either single or in herds of 10-30 in search of fodder and sweet water. They resign only in hot afternoon hours.


Immediately after the monsoon gets over the water in the Little Runnof Kutch (LRK) starts receding into the sea. And by October-November it starts getting dried up and the villagers �Agariya� families, in majority cases including children start moving to the saltpans to prepare their area for making salt. From October to April about 6-7 months they remain in the Rann making salt. Mainly �vadagara� crystal land salt is produced here.

The state of Gujarat is the major contributor of salt; about 70-80% of the salt produced in the country is produced in Gujarat. While 50% of salt is produced in the sea coastal from Gulf of Kutch to Khambhat,20% of salt is coming from the LRK.


Tarnetar is only 60 K.M. from Dhrangadhra. The famous Tarnetar fair is from 13th to 16th of September. Tarnetar is a historical place. The name came after a historical temple dedicated to God with three �Netra�(God with three eyes-Shiva).